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Most people take it for granted that it offers a certain amount of stability. The majority of Americans are aware of healthcare, but many are unaware of how it is paid for or what kind they have access to. These subjects and more will be covered in this article so that you may decide on your own healthcare coverage in the future with confidence.

Healthcare Essay Sample

The healthcare industry has seen many changes during the last two decades, both good and bad. For instance, technology in healthcare is a hot commodity for human well-being, but in some locations, a lack of this progress is claiming lives since doctors are now unable to treat ailments without the aid of machines.

So, in this healthcare essay, we’ll talk about how important smart technology is for healthcare. It is truly awful that some healthcare facilities have not even seen change since the technological revolution; this article sheds light on such problems.


The current state of the healthcare system is the worst it has ever been, with doctors being rude to their patients and lengthy waiting times impeding timely access to care. As a result, many people pass away from unknown causes. Because of this, it is essential to make modifications in order to correct patient-unfriendly practices.

Today, technology plays a major role in every industry, including the medical one. All medical procedures, from a single sickness diagnosis through organ transplantation, are governed by technology. If you do not have a quality medical facility nearby in such a case, it is very fortunate.

Many people have to perish simply because they are unable to receive the right care due to a lack of technology or other factors, including subpar healthcare services. To revolutionize healthcare centers throughout the world with technology, certain significant decisions and actions must be performed.

The physicians’ rudeness and the subpar facilities in hospitals are the major issues that patients face. Another major issue for the poor is the skyrocketing cost of medicines since many find it challenging to purchase increasingly expensive medications due to their limited income.

Therefore, subsidies are necessary in order for some generic drug stores to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor in terms of timely access to medications. In addition to this, there are undoubtedly more problems like long wait times in the waiting area and phony appointments that cause individuals to have problems.


The traditional infrastructure of hospitals has to shift for there to be beneficial improvements in the healthcare industry. Additional technological innovations are essential to ensuring that patients receive adequate care promptly and without interruption. The government may easily do this by setting up an intellectual meeting with the delegation.

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