Artificial DNA

Creating life with artificial DNA – This was the moment that everyone was desperately waiting for. Scientists have created a synthetic genome that can replicate itself. The team of scientists which is led by Craig Venter has combined two existing techniques to transplant synthetic DNA into a bacteria. The first step they made was to use a chemical procedure to synthesize a bacterial genome with a combination of nuclear-transferring techniques they transplanted the genome into a bacteria, which led the bacteria to replicate itself.

Detail on how a synthetic genome is made

A synthetic genome is made by copying an existing one and then transplanting it into Mycoplasma capricolum. In order to make sure that the Mycoplasma mycoides is artificial, the team of scientists added various nonfunctional watermarks to the genome, making it different from the actual version. The bacteria later worked perfectly, giving the scientist a crowning success.

Craig Venter states, “This is the first synthetic cell that’s been made, and we call it synthetic because the cell is totally derived from a synthetic chromosome, made with four bottles of chemicals on a chemical synthesizer, starting with information in a computer,” furthermore he says, “This becomes a potent tool for trying to design what we want biology to do. We have a wide range of applications.”

The evidence of the legitimacy of the concept

The research team at J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) has been working on this technology for almost 15 years and now has a number of organisms planned such as algae that intake carbon dioxide and excrete hydrocarbons for biofuel, faster vaccine production, and water cleaning and using light energy to create hydrogen gas from water.

  1. Craig Venter Institute has the technology to create suicide genes that will stop synthetics from living outside their controlled environment. Their new discovery is helping us to understand how life works, especially how it’s transmitted through DNA.

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