Adult Nursing Personal Statement – I spent a large amount of time as a hospital bedside sitter during my conscious life. My mother battled a long-term and severe ailment when I was a youngster, and the aura of a hospital became familiar to me as I watched her strive to keep her spirits up.

Simultaneously, I became captivated by the job that all of the nurses on the unit did, not just in terms of the technical parts of their responsibilities, but also in terms of the moral support they offered to their patients.

Nursing, along with physicians, cops, and firemen, has been one of my most inspiring professions since then. As a result, being a nurse became a personal and professional goal for me.

I am now employed as an Enhanced Support Worker. My responsibilities include providing care for our patients’ medical and practical requirements, as well as assisting them.

Despite the fact that I have only been with the firm for a short time, I have been able to advance in my job and earn more duties, such as medication administration and new employee adaption support.

In addition, I attended and organized service user reviews throughout my practice, and I was nominated for a position as a head office representative of our service.

Working for this firm gave me the key abilities of caring routine and consistency, which are critical when working with persons on the spectrum and with varying levels of learning challenges.

I received thorough training in legal elements of mental health nursing, including the Mental Health Act, the Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substance Act, and the Mental Health Bill of Rights. In addition, I received NCLD (National Center of Learning Disabilities) accreditation. As a result, I am capable of resolving or physically intervening in situations that can be complex or even violent.

Despite the fact that I regret not pursuing higher education immediately after high school, getting a nursing education is a mature and intentional decision.

Today, I recognize that I made the correct life decisions, which will lead to a career that I genuinely enjoy and respect. I have a strong desire to work as an adult nurse and contribute to society in this way. My experience, I feel, provides a good foundation for the skills, knowledge, and ethics required to begin a career in nursing.

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