Carefully Choose The Topic For Your Synthesis Essays

Your sources are supplied for those of you taking the AP exam. As a result, you have the option of choosing three sources for your synthesis essays.

If you have the time, examine them thoroughly. Identify the content in the sources that are related to each other. Remember that having three reliable sources is preferable to having five unreliable sources. You may make comments in the margins of each source to annotate it.

Make a plan for your synthesis essays’ structure. This might be a written blueprint or a mental plan. However, for the optimum effect, you must select how you will display your content.

If you are writing an AP paper, you will need to follow a precise format that contains an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Thesis Statement

Synthesis essays, like any other essay, must contain a clear thesis statement. This should be done after you have read your sources and done any further research. This aids you in forming an opinion on the subject. The essential concept to be covered in your synthesis essays is your thesis.

To express your thesis statement, come up with a more innovative framework. When drafting a thesis statement for a synthesis essay, you may use a variety of techniques.


You may look through your sources and select relevant quotes, which you can then write down. Make use of them throughout your paper.

Poke holes in your opponent’s notion if you wish to take a position on it. You should also look for thoughts or statements that contradict your thesis statement.

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