One of the critical assets of a public speaker is he/she mastering the technique of speaking. The body language plays a very important, but the speech or the tone does not matter, as the speech’s intensity must be in accordance with the speech’s criticality. Implementation of a method that crucially focuses on bringing the unique things within the audience is essential. Therefore, the methods that boost the body language must be adopted so that the attention of the audience can be grabbed by the speaker and him/she can win their hearts. Although for all of the fields some of the techniques are quite similar and is not confined to any one type of audience.

Moreover, one of the biggest roles is played by corporate communication in the projects’ success of the organization. As the flow of work is spread across different departments in a corporate company and successful work can be acquired through the integration of different individuals and departments. Two-way communication is mostly present in corporate culture, as each of the individual’s talks with respect to another. However, in such kind of scenario, one-way broadcasting is not efficient.

In corporate settings, the communication framework is mostly driven amongst the conversation of audience and speaker. He understanding of the feasibility and constraints within the work and the extent of percolation of instructions are mostly decided by such conversation. Incorporate, efficient public speaking is not only about the exact and clear conversation, but it is more about forwarding strong arguments in a credible, interesting, and exciting manner. In addition, the dual approach must be used by the speaker for making the public speech or presentation quite interesting. As the dual approach is the one where through means of the out of the box approach, the skills of logic are briefly defined. This can include brainstorming the team about the corporate presentation and by giving them real-life examples. These are the two key elements that must be considered in order to engage the audience into the efficient presentation. For efficient public speaking, one of the key requirement is such type of discussions.