Cause and Effect in relationships – There are problems in every relationship and boy-girl friendship is no exception. Despite being in love with each other, they might be constantly quarreling or fighting with each other because of minor misunderstandings which might be something as simple as either the girl or boy does not text the other immediately upon receiving a message.

Cause and Effect in Relationships

The boy feels that his importance and value are belittled as he should be the most important person in the girl’s life. The girl might be busy with her studies, her job, or some family matter but the boy feels neglected. This problem could arise from either side.

Boys also complain that girls keep them waiting when they are scheduled to meet.   Boys also feel that girls usually keep secrets from them like they might be going out with some friends and tell the boyfriend that they have some matter to attend to at home or have some other task to complete or any other such excuse.

Girls also feel that the boyfriend is not completely truthful about the relationship and might be seeing other girls for which they make excuses like pressure at work, overtime, or some other lame excuse. Usually, the girls are just jealous and insecure and the boyfriend might be telling the truth and not just making excuses.

Problems in Their Relationships

Girls and boys both sometimes feel very insecure in their relationships, and take the first sign of presumed negligence as problems in their relationships. Boys and girls might have different interests and both expect each other to be about as keen as they are in their pursued interests.

The contention is that if the girl really loves the boy and vice versa they should really care about the likes and dislikes of each other: There is no such thing as an absolutely perfect relationship, and when boys and girls get too comfortable with each other, the relationship becomes boring for both.

Getting bored they usually break up or find fault with each other for very small things which invariably leads to more problems or complete breakup and separation. However, this does not always happen and many such relationships lead to marriage, which is a more permanent relationship.

Both the girl and the boy should reconcile their relationship before they enter into the permanent relationship of marriage because getting divorced is more painful and harder than ending a friendship. However, the worst sufferers in divorces are the children, so if the relationship does turn to marriage it should be maintained permanently if possible.

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