Types of Pressures Faced By College Students

Four different types of pressures faced by college students: self-induced pressure (students pushing themselves to strive hard), peer pressure (too much work assigned by professors), parental pressure (parents forcing them to earn good grades), and economic pressure (heavy amount of money being charged by colleges). There are some other pressures too faced by college students. For example, selecting a major as your future career depends on it. Second is academic pressure, i.e., acquiring a good G.P.A.

Most medical schools, law schools, and graduate programs are based on a good GPA. Increasing pressure is placed on a student with respect to GPA, despite these programs being tough and competitive.

The third is social pressure, i.e., students are expected to be socialized by their classmates and are expected to participate in curricular activities of the college. Fourth is career pressure, i.e., just soon as you reach your last semester of the degree, you are expected to make your career and job choice, for example, getting job placement in a good company, participating in placement sessions carried out by companies in your college.

Pressures faced by College Students

Students often faced sexual pressures too at colleges, such as bullying. The pressures are equivalently heavy on every student who aims to get a good job and degree. Therefore, students must know some well-equipped and effective strategies in order to overcome these pressures. Stress management is the primary strategy that must be adopted by students.

Daily exercise relieves students from stress. Other than this, students must keep a proper diet and avoid unnatural energy boosters. The second most important strategy is time management. Students must try to organize things with keeping time on time. For example, preferring to do an assignment before the deadline, instead of at the eleventh hour.

Students can also maintain a goal-setting worksheet which will help them in reducing their stress and achieving their goals timely. Other than this, students can attend various workshops for their motivation. These workshops can help them in reducing anxiety and adopt new skills that can help them in achieving their academic and other targets.

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