Diffusing Essential Oils vs. Burning Essence

Diffusing essential oil and burning essence have many things in common although they also differ in various ways. One of their common benefits is that both of them release a sweet fragrance that makes your home smell nice. Just as there are different types of essential oils used for varying reasons so are the incense.

Below are the pros and cons of each one of them.

Pros – Diffusing Essential oils

Boosts Physical Health

If you’re unwell, there are many healing scents that you can fill in your diffuser and get well after inhaling the fragrance. For example, peppermint can improve digestion, reduce nausea, eliminate a migraine headache and alleviate allergic symptoms. Studies show that oregano can minimize menstrual pain, heartburn and respiratory conditions such as Asthma. Also, sandalwood oil can reduce your sore throat and UTIs.

Mental health

Some essential oils can work wonders in your mental health. For instance, surveys show that lavender can increase relaxation while black pepper, as well as rose oil, can help eliminate anxiety. Jasmine reduces symptoms of depression. The best way to disperse their healing power is by using essential oil diffusers.

Pros of Incense burning

Minimizes Stress and Anxiety

Feeling such as that if anxiety and stress visit most people often due to adverse experiences. With incense such as frankincense, sandalwood, and rosemary you need to light a stick, and the feeling will go.

Aids Meditation

In some religions, incense is believed to raise senses, increase attention and uplift your level of spirituality. Some of the incense used include sandalwood and lotus.

Increases Sexual Desire

Cinnamon is a great love that enhances. If you are planning for a date meeting with your partner, ensure that you carry a cinnamon incense stick. Burning it during this occasion will help raise love feelings for both of you.

Cons of Diffusing Essential Oil

Too much of everything is harmful, and so is the diffusing of essential oil You should use just a small amount of essential oils to reap the benefits without triggering adverse effects. Moreover, ensure that there is perfect air circulation by opening windows and all available ventilation when diffusing.

Cons of Burning Incense

Cause Harm to Respiratory Tract

Burning incense brings about many respiratory irritants, and that is the reason why people cough when they get to where it is burning. Researches show that some incense types are more harmful to the lungs than smoke from cigarettes. The incense smoke has fine particles that can find their way to your airway.

Toxic to Cells

Incense produces toxic gasses and some chemical substances when burnt. Consequently, you inhale them, and these toxins cause much harm to your cells. In most cases, the toxins alter the genetic material eventually causing the cells to multiply abnormally. That is why the burning of incense is associated with the development of some cancers.

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