Global Warming

Global Warming is the increase of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, due to the increase in greenhouse gas since the Industrial Revolution. Greenhouse gasses are those gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. Such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs, and ozone.  Shortwave light comes from the sun to the earth, passing with of through hindrance through a blanket of thermal, or greenhouse.

Radiation reflects off the earth’s surface toward space but does not easily pass through the thermal blanket. However, some of it cannot escape into space they are reflected back downwards, which cause the temperature to increase. On the other hand, industrialization has caused this issue to accelerate quickly. Due to the Industrial Revolution additional quantities of the natural greenhouse gasses plus chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful gasses and this increases the chances of greenhouse gasses to trap more heat and increase global temperatures making life potentially disruptive and harmful.


Factors such as the burning of coal and petroleum products are contributing to global warming; Release of methane in animal waste and increased cattle production contributes to deforestation, methane production and use of fossil fuels. All this is causing the melting of ice in the polar region, which is resulting in the increase in sea level and coastal flooding. These changes in the sea level would cause disruption of drinking water supplies which is dependent on snow melts, profound changes in agriculture due to climate change, extinction of species as ecological niches disappear, more frequent tropical storms, and an increased incidence of tropical diseases.

Heat waves have become more frequent and intense, along with droughts and wildfires. Natural disasters have become more common and intense than before. A cooperation in Cleveland named Evergreen is an organization in which workers and owners are running a green business such as environmental safe laundry, solar, company and a super productive urban farm that are healthy and safe for the environment and people in it.

Agriculture is one of the most weather dependent of all human activities. Globally, yields for many of the world’s main staple crops are bound to decline. The warmer temperature has resulted to the decreases availability of irrigation water. On the other hand, the increase in the temperature has caused heat stroke to be an occasional event. Loss of life and property due to more frequent floods, hurricanes, and other natural disaster is the side effect of Global Warming.

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