The Media in Disaster Situations

Management of emergency is basically a function of managerial level. It is a kind of management and organization of responsibilities and resources in order to deal with all kinds of emergencies especially awareness, reaction and its treatment. This kind of management includes structures, arrangements, and plans created to connect the endeavors of private and voluntary agencies and the state or government in a complete and synchronized method to react to the entire range needs during an emergency. This whole process is known as management of the disaster. Social media is actually a web based application that encourages increased interaction within the society.

           Famous Examples

The famous examples of social media related applications are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube etc. Through the arrival of social media, a visible discussion has been opened due to the participation of people during disasters and opened a new door for the researchers to get involved in this research. Recently, the social media users have been explained it through their actions that during the event of crisis, how other people get access to an unique form of information sharing, its seeking and its exchange. With the help of this media, a lot of messages, snaps and other types of knowledge participate in the given knowledge provided during events of the crisis. In the meantime, emergency managers are operational in understanding that how to react to the fresh content or fresh platforms of communication. The first focus is on building and implementing greatest practices for external communication. In the above discussion, we are about to present an explanation of social research with referring to the events of the crisis. Beginning with the initial observation of social media during the crisis, we are going to explain the activities conduct by the public.

Internet Media

Internet media have significantly prolonged the ways that emergency management can share their messages with each other and can communicate with the people they serve. Several communities of emergency reaction are efficiently finding the hidden potential of this newly born media for its best practice. However,  according to the researchers, some officials are not sure yet that what is the actual way to use the social media to give a response in emergency and how to follow the structures and procedures during an emergency. The agencies, for example, FEMA are still relying on the one-way communication (a traditional way of broadcasting). While other researchers have explored that a small number of fire departments and police officials used this kind of media in order to share information with the citizens throughout Sandy hurricane. There are many researchers available with the title of role of social media and emergency managers which also discusses the use of this media during crisis or disaster. The research involved in evaluating technological and social emergency aspect and disaster reaction are known as crisis informatics.