The internet has completely changed the way we live. A few decades back when there was no internet thing were very difficult to manage and the advent of the internet has completely changed that aspect. We have lots of positives on the internet but the technology has also impacted our society in a negative way. Though the positives outweigh the negative aspects the negative ones are of serious nature and cannot be neglected.

The internet has affected everything related to our lives. We have become so dependent on technology that we hardly live a day without using it in one way or another. In this article, our main objective is to highlight the negative impact the internet has on society. How the internet has contributed to negativities and what can be done to control them. Please continue reading to find out the negative impact of the internet on our society.

Effects on Children

The internet has negatively affected children who are underage. Many children can have an easy access to explicit material on the internet which can be harmful to the development of the brain. The explicit material is addictive and children who are underage are the most vulnerable since they have more curiosity and they are in the learning phase of life. They like to learn and experiment new things in life as it is part of growing up. Many adult websites provide an easy access to explicit material where they have uploaded pictures and videos of women involved in sexual activities. Children viewing such content can have a negative impact on life and they can become addict to watching such material neglecting other important things in life.

Frauds and Cheats

The internet is the place where frauds can be easily committed. Many people make a living by doing frauds online. They get access to credit card numbers of different individuals and they can use them for shopping purposes. There are hackers on the internet that can violate an individual’s privacy and can have access to confidential information of different individuals. Things of such nature are already happening in the online world and little is being done to control it. The technology has indeed become advanced to stop things like that by penalizing and persecuting individuals involved in such activities but still, more is needed to be done in order to ensure safe internet surfing.

Social Effects

The internet has isolated everyone. Instead of meeting people physically most of the people are now involved in chatting with others online. Online chatting is so addictive that it also affects other important aspects of life.

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