Essay writing is not fun indeed as it becomes more and more complicated with increasing academic levels of students. Initially, students learn to write 5 paragraph essays in order to write in a more structured and organized way. As students progress academically they have to write more challenging essays with convincing arguments. There are many students who literally avoid writing essays because they are so lengthy and complicated. Whenever students are assigned to write essays they try to put it aside only to be done in the last moment further complicating things. Yet, despite all these challenges essay writing has lots of benefits and can shape one’s way of thinking and decision making. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful points highlighting the benefits of writing essays. Below are some useful points for you to consider.

Increases Cognitive Ability

Essay writing is not just about writing anything that comes into your mind. It is more about gathering raw facts and figures about a particular point and arrange them in a more logical and convincing manner. During the process you need to gather sufficient material and analyze it closely before putting it on the paper. You need to think and analyze deep in order to create arguments and form your own opinions. You need to back your opinion with sound logic and convincing examples. It does not happen overnight as it takes time and needed practice. The more essays you write with time the better you will become.

Improves Writing Skills

Essay writing not only enhances cognitive skills but also improves writing skills. The more you write the better you will become when it comes to forming grammatically correct sentences. You will have more ideas and you will be able to write with more flare.

Better Future

Essay writing prepares you for a better future in terms of better job opportunities. Writing skills are needed everywhere so once you complete your studies you will come across writing memos and business letters in your job. You will have much easier time writing these if you have good writing skills.