One of the most challenging tasks students come across when writing psychology essays are to come up with an interesting topic. Psychology is a vast field and has many subfields making it difficult to decide which topic to write an essay on.

Psychology is an interesting academic subject due to the fact that we can relate to it as human beings because it is the study of human behavior. It attempts to explore why human beings behave the way they do. What factors trigger a certain behavior of a person? What is the motivating or driving force behind triggering a person’s behavior? We all have motives and objectives. We do things because we have the drive and motivation. We have certain objectives to achieve before we do something. Why students study and complete education? Different students have different motives behind seeking formal education. Some do it because it is very important to be an educated person. Some do it to start working and earning money after the completion of the study. Some do it because they like studying. It depends from individual to individual. In this article, our main objective is to provide some useful guidance to select an essay topic. Please continue reading to find more information.

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology is a subfield of psychology and it mainly deals with different types of mental illnesses like schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, personality disorder, autism and Down’s syndrome. It attempts to understand the nature of these illnesses and provide a diagnosis and possible line of treatments to manage these diseases. You can specifically write your essay on one particular mental illness like major depressive disorder. You can study a specific case related to the disease and determine its symptoms and how it can be treated. What are the possible treatments available to manage the disease? What factors trigger the disease? Can it be genetic? Can factors like social environment have an impact on the disease?

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology deals with criminal behavior. Why criminals behave the way they do? Do criminals indulge in anti social activities from their childhood? What are the factors that force a person to commit heinous crimes? You can also discuss how psychology can help alter the behavior of criminals.

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