The secret law of attraction states that like attracts like. This means that what we think we attract in our lives. When we focus on a particular thing or event and think about it, again and again, we are likely to attract that event into our lives whether it is negative or positive. There are two main aspects of life and that is positive and negative. One can either be positive or negative.

According to the law of attraction dwelling on negativities leads to negative events and circumstances in life because through the law of attraction we attract negativities by thinking negatively. Similarly when we think positive we are likely to attract positive events and circumstances in our lives. This law can change the way a person lives his life. This law makes people more aware of their thoughts. It makes them monitor thoughts carefully and allow only positive thoughts.

Some people refer to the law of attraction as just a fantasy and something not real. In reality if we analyze different events in our lives whether positive or negative we can be convinced to believe that law of attraction is real. When things are not going really well in our lives we become more negative and thus through negativity attract more negative events and circumstances in our lives. We also refer it to as run of bad luck. Similarly when we are on a roll or good things happen in our lives consistently we attract more positive things through positive thinking. One good event attracts several other good and positive events one after the other.

The law of attraction states that in order for this law to be effective in a positive way we must not think about those things that we do not want in our lives. For instance, someone going through a bad patch is more likely to dwell on negativities by thinking negatively thus inviting negative events into his life. By thinking in a negative way we invite negative events into our lives. We must always think about those things that we want. Instead of dwelling on negativities we must think in a more positive way to attract positive things in life. If we want to travel we must not think that we do not have enough money to travel and instead should think all the positive aspects associated with traveling.

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