Sometimes it is very hard to figure out for a sober person that why some people fall for drugs. Drugs are very harmful to one’s mental well being and leads to a highly destructive path. Drug addicts often end up being nowhere. They destroy everything they once had. They develop relationship problems with close family members or loved ones, they tend to avoid taking responsibility for anything and their entire world revolves around taking drugs.

When they wake up in the morning the first thing they think about is the drug. They remain aloof and unaware of what is reality and develop their own perception of everything. Being in a state of confusion as a result of abusing drugs they start behaving irrationally. They lose everything including work, relationships, and sanity. In order to take drugs, they can go to any length. There are some reasons as to why people take drugs. In this article, we will discuss as to why some people start abusing drugs.

Mental Illness

Some people suffer from serious mental health problems including depression, bipolar, social anxiety and personality disorders. These illnesses lead to heavy struggles in life. These mental health conditions are very draining and painful. People with these problems hardly enjoy anything in life. They suffer immensely from emotional aspect and in order to avoid feelings of emotional pain they resort to abusing drugs. When they take drugs their mind becomes numb and as a result, they avoid painful feelings that affect their mood most of the time.

To Relieve Stress

Some people suffer from high stress due to immense pressure at work. They may have battered relationships with the loved ones leading to high-level stress. In order to avoid stress, they start taking drugs. Drugs provide them temporary relief from stress. Every time they are under stress they take drugs to relieve pain or to avoid stress.

To Feel High

Drugs provide temporary euphoria which makes one feel elated for the time being. He forgets all the problems in life and feels in state of trance for the time being. In order to feel high some people take drugs because it makes them feel very good. The problem is that the euphoric feeling is temporary and what follows once the effects of the drug subside is worse. It leads to depression and low feeling and a person feels a need to take the drug again to feel high.

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