Symbolic Meaning

Colors have become an important aspect of our life, without which we feel incomplete. As time passed by, colors have imbued with great symbolic meaning.  In the Western part of the world even though there is a large influence of superstitious beliefs, the symbolic and scientific meaning of the colors successfully remain the same.


Many people believe that red is the color of love, life, health, blood, vigor, war, courage, anger and religious passion. When people become angry their faces become overridden with color. When you are happy or healthy your cheeks become read. On the other hand, when you are sick or dying you become pale and the red color of your blood fades away.

In ancient traditional cultures read were so powerful that it was believed that red objects were a sign of health. However, it is still widely followed by the Chinese who believe that red is the sign of happiness and joy. In Rome, children wore red coral as a talisman to protect them from diseases, and for the same reason, many Chinese children wear a piece of red clothing.


White is the sign of purity, innocence and white robes or clothes are worn to convey spirituality or sexual purity.  White became associated with purity because a single piece of stain could ruin the entire color.


The historian Ellen Conroy wrote in her book “The Symbolism of Colours” (1921) about the black color, “the color mystery and of the mysterious ways and wisdom of God”. Ancient people were not aware about the afterlife; the color black in many cultures represented which is the reason death.


Purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, and imperialism. In many European societies, there was a law, which started from ancient Rome to Elizabethan England, “sumptuary laws” forbidding anyone to wear the color other than the loyal family. Fabric trader found “Tyrian purple” from a small mollusk that was only found in a region of the Mediterranean Sea near Tyre, a Phoenician trading city located in modern-day Lebanon. In order to make one gram of Tyrian purple more than 9000 mollusks were needed and only wealthy people were able to buy that fabric. The ancient kings, emperors, and queens were believed to be gods and goddess, this is why purple, is a sign of spirituality and holiness.

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