Ancient Egypt

Ever wondered what the statues found and engraved in the pyramids and walls of ancient Egypt actually meant? Why were these figures such an important aspect for them? Just like any other religion, the Egyptians believed in following gods and goddesses who looked after different parts of their lives from their living till their death.

  1. Hapy: The god of the inundation, which is the yearly flooding of the Nile River. He was a man with a pot belly displayed with water plants. Since he brought yearly flood to a dry land which is Egypt, he was very important for them.
  2. Hathor: One of the protective goddesses and the goddess of love and joy as well. Her ears were shaped like cow’s ears, and a headdress of horns and a sun disk. She was the wife of Horus the god of the sky. She was linked with foreign places and materials, such as she was known as the goddess of the desert and the turquoise mines in the Sinai. In Dendera, a temple was built in her name.
  3. Khepri: The god of creation, the movement of the sun and rebirth. He had a scarab as a head, which is a type of beetle. The type of beetle might have seen in the movie, “The Mummy”. Egyptians believed that the beetles appeared from nowhere when they believed that their god had appeared.
  4. Ma’at: Ma’at has a feather on her head, believed to be the goddess of truth, justice, and harmony. She was in charge of keeping the balance of the things on earth. She was the daughter of the sun god, Ra.
  5. Ptah: He is mostly wrapped in a tight white cloak carrying a staff, known as the god of craftsmen. There is a myth that he was a creator god. He spoke the words and world was created.
  6. Ra-Horakhty: Was a mix of the gods named Horus and Ra, with the head of a hawk and a sun disk as a headdress. Horus was the god of the sky and Ra was the sun god. Ra-Horakhty was assumed to be the god of the rising sun.
  7. Sekhmet: Women with the head of a lioness, was the goddess of war.
  8. Seshat: The goddess of writing and measurement, with a star as a headdress and a panther, skinned attire.
  9. Shu: The god of the air held Nut the goddess of the night so that the earth and the sky were separated.
  10. Sobek: The god of Nile protecting the king, with the head if a crocodile and a headdress of feathers and a sun disk.

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