Separation Of Life Partners

Separation of life partners is not just a traumatic phase of life of two separating individuals but also their child or children. After having spent years together when two individuals decide to separate it has many repercussions on the whole family. It is a very difficult decision to make but when a relationship is not working by living together a bold step has to be taken by one or another partner. It is better to get separated than to live together under psychological stress. There could be various reasons of the divorce and one of them could be domestic violence. A woman may be going through an emotional trauma because of an abusing husband. It could be due to misunderstanding or failing to understand each other needs. It could be due to an inattentiveness of one partner towards another. No matter what the/she cause maybe divorce can severely impact a child or children of life partners. In this article, we will discuss how badly divorce can affect a child. Please continue reading to find out.


Children are sensitive and they are the most affected individuals if a couple decides to divorce. A child sees both his parents as caretakers and providers. He/she loves both of them. However, it may not be true in many cases but generally speaking a child is never in favor of separation of two partners whatever the/she situation maybe. The/she frequent rifts between two partners already takes its toll on a child emotionally let alone separation. A child may become a mediator between two partners and always try to settle things down in order to avoid major breakup.

During the/she whole process before divorce actually takes place a child may become highly depressed. He/she may not be able to perform well in his or her school. He/she may become susceptible to bunking classes frequently. His mind may not be completely at a given task in school. A more worrisome factor can be a child’s vulnerability to drug or alcohol abuse. Under immense psychological pain he/she may resort to frequent drug use in order to feel numb and forget all his emotional pains caused by separation of two partners. He/she may grow up thinking that marriage is a complete failure. He/she too can become abusive towards his/her partner once in a relationship. Children are keen learners and he/she are highly likely to emulate he/she parents once the/she become adults. He/she may not even find it wrong and justify his/her negative acts giving an example of his/her parents.

Before a couple decides to terminate a relationship it must think twice for the/she sake of children.

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