Formatting Styles

It is important to know about the formatting styles, in-text citations, and referencing styles prior to getting started with your academic writing. If you want order academic papers online, then we, at are here to offer you all kinds of academic writing assignments on reasonable rates. However, we also take it as our responsibility to guide you with the writing guidelines so that one day, you are ready to face the challenges of writing yourself. This is why we have accumulated basic rules and guidelines of custom research paper formatting in MLA style.

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Custom Research Paper


• Use a white paper that’s 20 lbs in weight.
• An erasable paper must be avoided for drafting the final copy to restrain from paper smudging.
• If you want to use an erasable then it’s better that you submit a photocopy along with the paper.


• Except for the page numbers (described below), use 1”-by 1” margins all around the paper text on all sides.
• Paragraphs must be indented by ½ an inch, set-off quotations by an inch from the left margin.


• The standard MLA guide says that a research paper must be made using double-spacing that also includes notes, quotations, and works cited etc.
Heading and Title
• There’s no need to add a title page. You are only required to add your name, instructor’s name, course name, number, and date at the left-hand side of the margin.
• Center the title in the middle of the page at the top after author’s information.
• Does not underline or italicize the title of your research paper.
• Capitalize the first, last and keywords in the title.
• Do not use a period if there isn’t a question mark or an exclamation mark at the end of the title.

Page Numbers

• Number the pages consecutively in the manuscript including the first page in the upper right corner of each page at 1 ½ inch from the top.
• Use double-spacing between the top-line of the text and the page number.
• Write your last name only beside the first-page number towards its right.
• Do not use any kind of abbreviation like p. or some other mark before a page number.

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