Importance of homework

Academic institutions have been given homework to students from a number of years. The trend is old and it is commonly given so that the children can revise the lesson plan at home as well as in school. Homework is provided to students at almost every academic level. The load of homework differs for each academic level as higher levels have more workload; the amount of homework also increases. Studying in an academic institution is a time for increased responsibility and growth in the intellectual level of a person.

Homework has been always been a part of students life but extending it to high school has generated non-seriousness in the attitude of students. Because children are so aware of the displeasure they get while doing homework they tend to skip or find other illegitimate means of doing it.

Why do students get homework?

Homework has been claimed as unnecessary because it does not determine the learning abilities of students or the level of dedication among studies. Doing the same activity in school and then doing it again at home is considered a waste of time by the students. Therefore, they find ways to get their homework done by someone else. Due to the popularity of the internet, it has even been used as one of the ways of skipping homework. A sample essay or an article could be taken as a source for the work to be done or extracts of information can include in whatever work you have been given.

Arguments about homework

Another argument about homework is that it shows that the child has not worked efficiently at school and requires work to be done at home as well. In an example of a workplace, workers take their work home if they have not completed the task at work and therefore the argument is clear that homework should not be given and all learning should be based at home. When the children go home after school, they have to take part in extracurricular activities, which leaves them exhausted at the end of the day. The added pressure of doing homework makes them frustrated and they despise going to school. The children build a negative feeling about the school system and their real learning goes at cost because of this.
Therefore, our society needs to eliminate the trend of giving homework and instead, bring up new ways of innovative teaching so that the learning experience could become interesting for children.

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