Research Paper Outline

The purpose of your tentative outline is to serve as an overview of your research so that you find no difficulty in organizing your material when you are writing down your paper. A good outline is one the most important steps of writing a research paper. However, most outlines lack the flow of molding the research material into a logical form that serves as the basis of your paper. Check the outline for consistency and a logical flow that can be separated into three basic elements of a research paper that are:

1. Introduction

A useful tentative outline has an introduction that states your thesis and has a specific objective of the paper. The introduction of an outline has answers to questions like:
• Why are you writing the paper?
• What is the approach of your topic?
• Is it a book review, factual report, comparison, or an analysis on a problem?
• What’s the scope of your research?
• Why would readers want to know about your research?

2. Body

This is the place where you would present your own ideas and the gist of your research to support the argument written in the thesis inside the introduction. Here you should remember to apply the rule of 3 which include:
• A strong argument on the topic of your research and the thesis.
• A stronger argument that gives more facts and figures.
• Last but not the least, the strongest argument which you think best supports your thesis.

3. Conclusion

Here you are required to rewrite and restate your thesis. The purpose of a conclusion is not to have redundancy in your outline or in the first draft of writing a research paper; in fact, it gives you the end point of your discussion. Remember that in any kind of writing, the most significant elements are the beginning and the ending. If your beginning is well-thought and clear, your research paper goes into a smooth flow. Moreover, this also helps you to structure a persuasive point in the conclusion that says it all!

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