Simple Resume

Making a good resume is an important task for candidates to perform. It is important to keep in mind that the best resume does not include exaggeration and an entire story about your education and work experience. A simple resume includes a brief summary of your work, education, and skills.

Make The Best Resume


Many candidates just restrict their resume to just one page. However, if your resume goes to a second page, keep in mind to not make your margins too wide. Keep it no more than 1” left and right and ½” top and bottom. Organize the words according to the placement of the headings. If you are having issues with the resume format, you can always order from Quality Paper Writing at a cheap rate.


  1. Name: Write your NAME with upper case bold, and include your contact and residential details.
  2. Certifications: Include a list of professional certifications and licenses along with the dates on which you have received them.
  3. Education: Briefly, mention your educational qualification in reverse order, that is starting with your last degree or the one which you make be currently working on. Do not forget to mention your academic institution name, city, state, degree, major, GPA, date both was and will be and honors.
  4. Courses: Mention any courses which you have taken or you are taking.
  5. Honors: In this section, you can include your honors, awards or/and activities.
  6. Experience: Here you will mention your work experience and a brief job description not to forget the name of the company, the position assigned to you, the date you have joined or left. Mention the responsibilities, duties, and accomplishments listing them with bullet points.
  7. Skills: This section is a great interest to the employers. Indicate computer hardware and software knowledge, fluency in a foreign language or any other type of technical skills.

 Note:  Try to make the headings on your resume to work like the ones in a newspaper.

How to make your resume look professional?

  • Do not mention your personal information other than your name and contact information.
  • Try to not use the first person “I”, and try to remove unnecessary words.
  • NEVER lie or exaggerate it is certainly not a professional act.
  • Use bullets for listing items
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