Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

Written by American writer Philip K. Dick is a science fiction novel published in 1968. The novel is based on a post-apocalyptic future, in which the Earth and the populations within it have been completely damaged by nuclear war during World War Terminus. The majority of the animals are close to extinction and some are extinct due to the increase in the radiation poisoning exposure during the war.


Owning an animal as a pet in this time period has become a sign of class and hierarchy within the society. This novel emphasizes on the empathic emotions humans hold towards an animal. The United Nation encourages people to off-world colonies, in order to save the human race from the aftermath of the war. Each emigration reward is an “andy” which is a servant android. The earth is in complete debris and the radiation poisoning are causing people to fall ill and their genes to be damaged.

Since animals are expensive, people prefer to buy electric animals that are not that expensive. Rick Deckard a bounty hunter and a part of the main plot, is shown to own a real sheep but due to tetanus it dies and is replaced by an electric one. One of the last places affected by the radioactive dust is the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically the peninsula to the south. This area is kept under strict surveillance by meteorologists using Mongoose weather satellite in Earth orbit. Even though it may be a bit habitable, the desert of Oregon which is to the north is polluted with radiation. Rick Deckard lives with his depressed wife on the east side of the bay in a building.


The religion which dominates the Earth is called Mercerism, in which Empathy Boxes link at the same time with different users into a combined consciousness focused on the suffering of Wilbur Mercer. The shared Empathy Boxes which every individual share is the pain experienced by Wilbur Mercer on his endless walk up a mountain while stones are thrown on him. Mercerism is the cause people have come to hate killing. A broadcast presented twenty –three hours on the television with the appearances of Buster Friendly and his Friendly Friends demonstrate a second religion, which is made to put Mercerism down.

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