Welcome To Japan

Rather than fill you in on the facts about Japan, such as the tallest peak or chief exports, you will find out about a lot of interesting facts which you will not be able to attain from any book. Japan is rich with history and traditions, Japanese are true to their belief and will not leave their traditions and customs behind just because the world is racing ahead. We all know that Japan is known for its futurist technologies and mouth watering cuisines.

Japanese Culture

You would be surprised to know that the formation of Sushi and Sumo is somewhat strange. Sumo began as a prayer for a fruitful rice harvest, it later evolved into a public sport where two men fight in a circular ring, with only one winner who had to either knock the opponent out of the ring or any other part of the opponent’s body besides the bottom of this feet touched the ground. On the other hand, fermented rice was used to preserve fish, which was later transformed into the dish which represents Japan, Sushi.

Japan has the world’s largest sea food wholesale market in which there are two parts, first is the “inner” in which auctioning off seafood is going on, the second is the “outer” in which wholesalers and retailers sell kitchen tools, supplies, seafood, and sushi. If you end up embarrassed in Japan the concept of losing face is taken to the next level. You will be insulted, criticized or the spotlight will be placed upon you and only through praises and thanks you can gain your honor back. Japanese belief that context affects the tone of a conversation, and they notice any changes in a person’s tone, posture or facial expression. Because words have many meanings attached to it, in other to understand the person’s reaction they look at their physical reaction.

Japan has the highest proportion of elderly people over the age of 65 in the world. Older people are given a lot of respect in Japan, such as they are given food and drinks first. When someone in Japan meets you for the first time you have to wait until someone introduces you, as it is considered as impolite when you introduce yourself. However, for foreigners, it is acceptable to just shake hands upon meeting. In addition, the tradition sign is to bow down and the further you bow shows the level of respect you have for the recipient.

Even though Japan may seem a strict country they understand that foreigners may not know their culture well. They will feel a bit embarrassed with their English skills.

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