Endlessly In Love With Food

Foodies are people who are endlessly in love with food, they are willing to eat all of their favorite dishes in one go and discover food from around the world and within their locality. In order to be a foodie, one must love food and who does not love food?

There are two kinds of foodies in my perspective, first are the foodies who can eat anything and everything, whereas the second foodie types are the ones who are selective. I am the selective foodie I do not like eating specific things such as fruits or vegetables. Being in love with food is not a bad thing, but you need to check the fact that you are eating healthy and keeping your body in good shape. As hardcore foodies, many of them just wish to eat and eat because you never know what life has stored for you the next day.

Skimming through the internet to find something authentic and delightful is all that we do, food is our life and our world. Having something new to eat is like an adventure, in which you are the pirate, the food is the treasure and any external information about the location is our map, be it the internet or verbal information about the location of the restaurant.

Culture Being The Reason For The Increase In Obesity

Many people blame this culture to be the reason for the increase in obesity around the world. They believe that the creation of the foodie culture is eliminating the awareness and the practice of health-related activities. Contrariwise, is it that bad to fall in love with food?  Love is blind and in this case, we foodies are blind and our ultimate ideal partner is any delicious and mouthwatering. No matter how depressed we are, food is our boost of happiness.

Other people have different ways to cheer themselves up, to explore life this is our way of tapping into the world beyond our own. It does not necessarily mean that foodies have to go outside and eat, they can make their own food at home with their own touch. You do not have to be loaded with cash to have food outside every time, all you need is YouTube and few ingredients to get things done and have your own mini restaurant at home. Food is our passion and people who have a passion succeed in life.

How does eating food make us successful you say?

Well, love for food is why occupations like food critics; chefs etc develop, making the world of food more exciting and adventurous than before.