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Children all around the world are becoming victims of sexual harassment. The people who are involved in child molestation and sexual harassment are known as pedophiles. Children are supposed to be sacred creatures but nowadays the innocence of childhood is lost under the lack of morality. The physical wounds of child abuse may cure over the period of time, but the emotional scars may never be forgotten by a child. Especially if a child is very young, then these memories may remain in his/her mind till they become adults. The surprising thing is that on most occasions the abusers are none other than family members themselves. Parents trust their relatives and leave children alone with them, and in such cases, the children are bribed with gifts or chocolates.

Child Abuse Further Explained

The repercussions of child abuse include a low personality image, crushed self-confidence, lack of trust in others, self-harming behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, flashbacks, nightmares, problems at school, reduced academic performance, lack of concentration, vulnerability to a variety of mental sicknesses such as depression and anxiety.

Children who are mistreated by their own parents are likely to indulge in alcohol or drug addiction afterward in life. Chances are that they will turn out to be abusive parents in the future. This case may not be faced by everyone but since these children have insensitive to violence, they are likely to act in the same way. Child abuse can lead to relationship issues in the child’s later life. As a lack of trust of in other people, such children are not very good partners in a marriage. Making new relationships is hard for them.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment

It is the need to today to recognize sexually harassed children so that they can go through a proper treatment. Professional psychologists should treat these patients or else this could be brain damaging to the person. As soon as the problem is recognized, they should facilitate and help out a child so that he/she can live a normal life. Such children require personal attention and care and should not be neglected in any case.

As human beings, it is our duty to report any incident which has taken place in the past or is currently happening. The condition could become worse with time as the victim will go on with his/her life. Therapy is essential for such children as it can make them recover sooner. Such measures can also help re-establish self-confidence and can even create a changed life for a person.

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