Term paper proposal steps

Do you know that the first step of academic paper writing is working on the proposal of the paper? If your advisor thinks that your proposal is not up to the mark, you cannot start working on the introduction of the paper until your advisor has approved the proposal. Hence, you have to plan your proposal paper so that you do not have to make changes before the defense session. There are few tips which can help you your proposal paper.

Proposal Tips

First of all, develop the basic structure of your paper. Make a proper draft which can be modified from time to time. The proposal of the paper describes the literal limitations of the paper. In other words, you need to give a proper dimension to the academic paper. For this purpose, make a list of topics which would be covered in the paper. You need to discuss each point with the advisor so that there is no room for error. Some writing companies leave the citation format for the last moment. You need to use the selected citation format as you are working on each chapter.

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