The mission of Afro-Caribbean Food Store is to provide countless cultural foods to its customers in Cardiff city with the range from common to finest choices. The Food store seeks to be the best in the market by attracting a greater number of customers and having the highest market share.


To be the specialized food store and supplier where the authentic and high-quality food items are made keeping in view the cultural tastes.

Products/ Services

Afro-Caribbean Food Store offers the products in different amounts and quantities that are not available conveniently on the grocery stores. Entrepreneurs of the Afro-Caribbean Food Store are able to provide different set of choices which consists of seasonings, stocks, peas & beans, flouring, rice, noodles and etc. In addition, specialties are also provided for example; honey, palm oil and etc.
The store will be open seven days a week all through the year for providing services to the customers irrespective of the time. Besides this, the customer service representative will be set for answering the customers and recording any suggestion, concerns or feedback. The Food Store will employ staff with the understanding of different ethnicities.


The Food Store perceptual mapping is carried out by considering the information from different parameters. In case, of the Afro-Caribbean Food store, the store objects are identified and are attributed to the scale in order to establish the relationship between multiple factors.

Management Expertise

The management expertise for the Afro-Caribbean Food store is of key importance as these relate to the feasibility of starting business activities. The decision-making process about the information selection and analysis are critical for start-ups. The management expertise of the Food store matter the most in terms of following aspects:
• Selecting High-quality information: This call for information incorporation, time-lining, benchmarking the outside information, level of information transparency and legislation and consistency.
• Access to cutting edge frameworks and training: This aide in giving the information that is easy to utilize and might be adjusted as indicated by the need of a system. It additionally incorporates institutionalization and competency.
• Sound judgment: With a specific end goal to enhance choice making in regards to new business, management needs to have the capacity to team up and actualize best practice applications. It is also necessary to perform guided investigation and building a connection to fiscal arrangements and planning. It is also of key importance to have the capacity to direct benefit examination.
• Flexibility and freedom: This calls for the role of management to allow the staff to make decisions and give them the power of execution.

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