Significance Of Marriage

Marriage is the legal bond between two partners who want to spend their lives together. In Christianity, the partners are not supposed to remarry while they are in an existing marriage. This is known as monogamy, which means that a person can have only one married partner at a time. Marriage has lost its significance in the past years. There was a time when marriage was a fully functional institution and people respected it. As years passed, and technology modernized, the thoughts of people changed. In the present age, there is a high career expectation of youngsters and marriage is not necessary in some developed countries. However, the under developed countries are far or less the same as there is no greater freedom for women and the people hold on to their traditional cultural values.

The world has a taken a shift towards modernism. This has affected the women on a major scale. They are no longer dependent on anyone as the Feminist movements have been successful in providing women with a career opportunity. There is a rise in working women and the attitudes of women have changed as well. In the past, women depended on their partners to provide them with the economic and emotional shelter. There is no doubt that women are marrying and also continuing to work, but in countries such as America and UK, the trends have changed. It is no longer a legal imperative for women to get married.

Marriage does not necessarily protect the sanctity of the relationship. Some partners are under the misconception that by bonding through marriage, they can secure their love but that is not the case. In most of the marriages, one partner does get involved in an extra marital relationship at some point. However, this may depend on the people and how strong their bond is but as human beings, we all make mistakes and are tend to divert.


The number of childbirths from unmarried women has increased in the past years. Women are giving birth even if they have not been married. Some women are also using technology to reproduce as the advanced technology can even let a virgin have a baby. Cohabitation has become increasingly popular and common. Cohabitation is when partners live together without getting legally married.

Marriage is just a legal contract between two people. To spend your life with the person you love can be exciting but it is not necessary done through marriage as marriage has lost its importance and people have been discouraged to do it because of the number of divorces which are experienced by couples everyday.

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