The Thirst For Success

Success is an unquenchable thirst yet to be achieved by many people. I have failed numerous times shamelessly, struggling to reach the top. I am not good in mathematics let alone any other subjects. Mocked by the world around me, stepped on by the elite class overshadowing each path I choose. Life is an unsteady journey and it will rain a lot many times than you can recall, but what matters is the little moments of happiness you achieve. Life is really miser when it comes to letting you stay exuberant filled for eternity. After reading this article you will learn to make things work out in your life.

I have always been the dull student in my class; no matter how much I worked hard the result was always a devastating soccer punch. As I became less determined to work for what I believed in, I saw the world outside of my own, a world outside of my failures that is. Soon I realized that not everyone is a brilliant student, the grading system is nothing but a demotivating symbol of insult for some people. Why do we have to be judged for what we have done on papers attempted on a given time frame? Why we are not judged for our creativity or efforts and our skills.

One day I was sitting down on the floor of my bedroom, trying to get things straight, thinking about ways to give up on life because I was the worthless individual who could not contribute to the society. I googled out ways to walk towards a successful path, but all I could read was people commenting how useless I am to the world and how success comes with hard work. Scrolling through the pages I saw an inspirational video, in which the line “you’re not dumb, your special” invoked an idea within me. I started to think about my weakness and strength and from that day I blended both of them together. The creative animal took charge within me and I scored much greater than before. I gave Quality Paper Writing all the assignments and school work I had to complete while I worked on my creative side. The road to success was not to back down, but it was to go forward no matter what the situation may be. You do not need to run after success, just relax and let life try to push you down. The more it hurts you the stronger you get.

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