Every person is working for different reasons. There could be many reasons why people start to work. Some may work out of bare necessity, others may do it for satisfaction and some may do it for monetary purposes only. The productivity of the workers is not only dependent on their own self, but it can also be determined by external factors such as the company’s policy and the rules and regulations. The aspect of a dress code is somewhat influential in deciding whether the work is done at a fast pace or the workers perform efficiently enough.


Every individual is different. People have their own preferences, tastes, likes, and comfort zones. For some people, a casual environment is what they really need to work better. For example, Google is an organization which is working for benefit of employees. A friendly and comfortable environment has been designed for its employees and many in numerous perks are also provided. Some people can actually produce good results if they are provided with an unrestricted environment. Some people feel ‘at home’ if they are the option of wearing anything they want. Taking the example of Google again, more emphasis is made on employee satisfaction. The huge success of Google also shows that this strategy has worked because Googlers perform outstandingly as are trusted by their organization and are given a sense of freedom.

While some people may perform better with a relaxed dress code, others may get the feeling of being laid back and lazy. Therefore these people may not work more efficiently as they would feel drowsy and sleepy every time they wear their pajamas to work.  This shows that the same factors can provide different results for different people. There are other factors which may also determine workplace performance. These could be the behavior of the colleagues or pay factors. More monetary benefits may encourage people to work more efficiently.

A dress code ethic is not necessarily required if other factors for worker motivation are taken care of. For organizations, such as banks and private legal corporate companies; dress code is very important as the employees have to deal with other people as well. In these places, there would certain rules pertaining to the way employees should dress. Dressing smart can also increase a person’s self-confidence and can they may see positive results in their personality. Therefore, the dress rule is determined by what type of business it is and how do the workers respond to it.

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