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A report is a document in which a research is summarized; it could also be an independent examination on a particular subject. It is usually a short piece of article which is written to brief the reader about an event. Report writing is a challenging piece of article which many students face difficulty with. However, there are some guidelines which need to be considered before starting a report.

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Beginning with the topic, you should carefully decide a title which clearly describes the content of the report. It should be concise and not long as readers may judge your report writing through the topic. They may decide whether to further read your report or not. For example, if your report’s title is too long, they may assume that your writing would be boring.

If you are writing a report summarizing a research which occurred earlier, then the most appropriate way to start your report is by giving a brief introduction of the purpose of your report. This means that the first paragraph should explain the objective and aims of the research and the relevance to the society or a certain individual of conducting the research.
Following that, you discuss the next step of the research as to what methodology was used and how it was carried out. For example, you can explain the procedure of conducting interviews and how the respondents’ behavior influenced the research.After the methodology, you should briefly describe the findings of the research as to what results have been derived from the research.


A conclusion of the research work should be given. The report writer should evaluate the research work by providing the pros and cons of conducting the research. Some sort of comparison should be made between the aims and objectives, with the findings of the research. Through this, we can know if the research has been relevant or not.
The last paragraph should provide a recommendation to the subject as it could be achieved more properly. It also states why the research has been beneficial for some people, and not others. The writer should just be concise and write in a professional manner about the events of a particular research.

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