IT Project Management

Project management is an integral part of networking/IT, software development and communications and much more. To become a project manager, you need to acquire the appropriate qualifications by enrolling in an Accredited IT Project management degree program. Project managers must have at least a four-year bachelor degree, but employers prefer employees with master ‘degrees. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to have an accredited degree. Besides being a very positive addition to program branding, accreditation also attracts additional business as this is an assurance of excellent quality.

Degree Program

After qualifying from an Accredited IT Project management degree program will find employment as an IT Project Manager with responsibilities including budgets, schedules, and policies for information technology associated with their companies and organizations. Project managers develop and implement plans and work with IT workers, client, and vendors to ensure the smooth running of projects. IT project managers are also responsible for the security of networks, and must ensure and that the programs are updated on a regular basis.

Admission procedure

For obtaining admission in an IT project management program, applicants must possess a business bachelor’s with an average 3.0 or higher and fundamental knowledge of the business. Those applicants, who do not have a business bachelor’s degree, must complete some courses like Principles of management, financial accounting, foundations of business and business law and ethics. Additionally, an applicant must submit their GMAT score along with the college transcripts. After passing from an Accredited IT Project management degree program, you will be paid between $75,000/- up to 109,000/- per year. With an online program, you will have all the advantages that distance education is popular for. You can study from any location whether it is from across or across the globe.
An accredited online program enhances the skills of professional managers to implement, design, integrate and develop and manage projects. As a project manager, you can work in any number of settings including a corporation, information technology, software development and many others. Project managers usually work in teams to complete projects and case studies. The course includes management models, planning, and scheduling, finance, risk management, project team building, project management methodology, and definition, estimating, scheduling and controls. Project managers need at least 3-5 years in overseeing large projects, and an accredited online degree is a great asset for becoming a project manager.

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