Creative and Technical Writing

There are different types of writers all over the world who fall in two major categories, creative writers, and technical writers. Amazingly, some writers have made millions from both categories while some have not made anything. Both types of writing are completely different and have a different approach. Both of them serve different purposes. Both types have different rules, formats, do’s and don’ts. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the two styles of writings.

Creative Writing

The purpose of creative writing is to educate and entertain readers. Most of us like to read novels, poems, and stories not because we have to but to get entertained. After a long hectic day at work, we crave for something that we enjoy doing and divert our mind for the time being. The main point is that we get pleasure from reading creative stuff of different authors which we cannot get when reading technical writing work.

Creative writing further falls in many genres. The main thing in creative writing is the talent. Some people have an innate talent for creative writing and with a little practice and hard work they can become well renowned creative writers making millions writing science fiction novels and stories. People who do not have a talent for creative writing can find it very hard to have their work published because they lack the qualities of a creative writer. A creative writer can be a master of suspense. He/she masters the art of invoking emotions in the readers according to the situation. He/she keeps his readers glued to his writing through creating thrilling situations in his stories or novels. If one lacks these abilities as a writer he cannot become a good creative writer. Therefore, a creative writer must have the ability to make reads curious by invoking emotions in them as they read the book or a story.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is not for entertainment purposes rather, it is to inform or educate the readers. It is more formal and has its own set of rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts. Technical writing further falls into two different categories, online technical writing, and offline technical writing. The advertisements of products we see fall into technical writing because they incite the readers to purchase a particular product.

Creative writing, unlike technical writing, can be informal. Both are challenging, but it depends on where the interest and talent of a person lies.